For too long, Preachers of Hate have been turning innocent people into either villains or victims.

They may not carry guns themselves, but their status and influence make their words as powerful as bullets and bombs. Arguably more so; a spent bullet is harmless, an exploded bomb no longer dangerous, but words have the power to outlive their author. For example, sermons and speeches by the late Osama bin Laden are still shared, taught and idolized by extremists worldwide.

Terror has no color, no faith, no unique political ideology. That is why we will exempt no religion, nationality, gender or political belief. We will expose Preachers of Hate who are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or any other religion, from any nationality and all.

Every week throughout the past months, we have focused on a particular preacher, explained their beliefs, shed light on their edicts and, most importantly, held them accountable for their own words. We express no opinion, because there is no need; these hate-mongers shame themselves with their own videos, audio files or published books and articles.

Of course, some will question whether we are in effect providing a platform to the very preachers we hope to silence. The answer is “no”. These people and their followers do not need us, or any other traditional media outlets, to spit their poison.

As far as we are concerned, there can be no tolerance for intolerance.

Faisal J. Abbas
Editor In Chief